2017 -18

BES Nominees for 2017 - 18

Mother Bruce by Ryan Higgins

Best Frints in the Whole Universe by Antoinette Portis

Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion by Alex Smith

Caldecott Match Game

2016 - 17

Nursery Rhymes BBC

Hey Diddle Diddle

USA Jigsaw puzzle

Little Melba and Her Big Trombone (video read aloud)

I'm Trying to Love Spiders

If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson

Red : A Crayon's Story by Michael Hall

Blizzard by John Rocco

Interstellar Cinderella (5:06)

One Plastic Bag

Word Order Practice (ROY)

Caldecott Matching Game

Alphabetical Order (Crickweb)

Alphabetizing to the 3rd letter

Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy

Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcake

State Research

And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon (script)

Animal Facts - Sirs Discoverer

State Facts - Sirs Discoverer

San Diego Zoo koala cam

Dec Extra Media

Explore PebbleGo

Dec. 7 - 11

Caldecott Medal Winners - Bookworm for Kids

The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney (Caldecott Medal 2010)

Jerry Pinkney talks about creating The Lion and the Mouse

The Three Pigs by David Wiesner

David Wiesner - Author Study

Survey of Caldecott Medal winners 2000 - 2015

Caldecott Medal

Introduction (video)

Caldecott Medal Winners and Honor Books (book covers)

Illustrating Caldecott Books (video)

Sept. Media

Shelf Order

Play the games below to help you understand how books are found on library shelves.

Shelve It!

Fairy Tales in the Library

Three Little Pigs
Three Billy Goats Gruff

Book Selection

Al at the Library

Book Bandits
What Happened to Marion's Book?
A Perfectly Messed Up Story
Bring Them Back
The Shelf Elf

Book Care and Book Checkout

Skippy John Jones teaches Book Care
Shelf Markers
Another way to organize books - Curious George Book Monkey

Library Media Orientation

Elementary Library Routines

Miss Brooks Loves Books!

Random House


Finding Fiction Books

The Day the Crayons Quit


Lion vs. Rabbit

Braille Bug

Inventions by Kids



Research Notes Worksheet:

Black-eyed Susan Nominees 2014-15

Caldecott Awards

What is it?

Yo! Yes?


Do the actiivtiy below on the Nooks

United States jigsaw puzzle

Do the activities below on the computer

Uncle Sam's Farm : Cardinal Directions

Over the Edge: Cardinal Directions

Adventure Island

Create a READ Poster

World Continents and Oceans

Tony Sarg - Biography

Balloons over Broadway

Two Truths and a Lie - Bats!

Watch this video to discover the truths and the lie.
Soar! Bats

Demonstrate What You Know.

Group A

Group B

Group C - See Ms. Ford

Alphabet Skills

ABC order - letters

Alphabetical Order

Alphabet Words

Parts of a Book/How a book is made

Parts of a book (Beatrice Doesn't Want To) ppt
Parts of a Book: Shelf elf video
Parts of a book - label game
Shelf Elf review video

Sept Rotation - Choosing "just right books"

Choosing a Good Fit Book
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Library Rules and Procedures

CCSS 2 SL 1.1 / AASL 1.3.4
I can name two library rules and say why they are important.
Delilah D. at the Library E WIL
K-2 Library Rules ppt.

Pete the Cat "i'm Rocking in My School Shoes"

Caterpillars - World Book Kids

  1. Read this article.
  2. Choose one sentence and copy it word for word. Put " at the beginning of the sentence and after the period.
  3. On the back side of your paper put the information in your own words (paraphrase).
  4. Choose from these games and puzzles.

Extra Media May

Researching with World Book Online using the Nooks


Please go to this survey and type in the alphabet from your memory.

ABC order - letters

ABC order - words (1) words (2)

Nov - Finding books in the library

ABC ordered words

Sort the books and put them in Order in the Library

Books in ABC order 1

Books in ABC order 2

Author call number match

Sept. - Extra Media: Meet the Author Robert Munsch

Today I am going to read to book Angela's Airplane by Robert Munsch. Afterwards I will show you how to complete a Reading Report.
Then you will choose 2 Robert Munsch stories to listen to on the NOOKS and complete Reading Reports on them.

......Introduction to the Nook
  • Remember to hold your Nook carefully
  • Each Nook screen should be on the Media Home page.
  • You will touch the blue TumbleBooks button
  • Then touch the red "StoryBooks" oval
  • Across the top look for "Robert Munsch" and touch his name
  • Choose one of his stories to listen too and then complete a Reading Report.

3rd Week - Judi and Ron Barrett Author Study
The Marshmallow Incident
  • When do you think this story takes place? In today's world?
  • What do you notice from the picture on the cover?
  • Let's listen to the first half of the story.
  • Now it's time for book checkout. Remember to use your shelf markers.

2nd Week - Review of Book Care and Book Checkout
Skippy John Jones teaches Book Care
Shelf Markers
Another way to organize books - Curious George Book Monkey

Mind Your Manners .....
FES Library Etiquette

1. Library Manners and Organization

Books in the Library

Picture Book Organization (video)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n02Vz2YH7-g