2017 -18

Click here to show what you know about the Dewey Decimal System.

Now you make up a Dewey Question, click here.

1. Watch this to review the Dewey Decimal System

2. Practice Playing the Dewey Games

3. Show What You Know - Answer these Questions

Watch the video Two Bad Ants and answer these questions.

Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg

Probuditi by Chris Van Allsburg

1. Listen to the story "The Sweetest Fig" and then completer your inference worksheet.

"The Sweetest Fig" by Chris Van Allsburg

2. Use IES PAC to search for books by Chris Van Allsburg and complete the chart.

1. Watch this

**The Shelf Elf Helps Out** by Jackie Mims Hopkins (video 8:20)


Drawing: Draw with Ed Emberley Draw with Dav Pilkey

Shelf Order Game

Finding Winnie

Finding Winnie Book Trailer

Author Lindsey Mattick

Another book about Winnie

A+ Exit Ticket


Welcome Back Survey

2016 - 17

Anansi and Turtle

Basic Library Skills Questions

LIsten to the story What If You Had Animal Teeth?

What If You Had Animal Feet?

Find It and build your observation skills

Chris Van Allsburg - biography

Caldecott Matching Game

Caldecott Title Word Search

Click here to see how much you know about finding books in our library media center.

Shelve It!

Fill in this form with information on mystery books.

Aug 29 - Sep 2nd

Library Media Expectations

Watch these videos and then compare these library rules and expectations with Ilchester's.

Library Expectations

PBIS in the Library

School 54 Library Rules and Expectations

Library Rules and Expectations

First Music a folktale from Africa

Watch the folktale "Anansi and the Tug of War".


Watch the folktale again.

Retell the story on your sequence worksheet.

Show what you know about IES PAC (room 36316)

Order in the Library

Do these activities in the order below:

1. Show What you Know - Fiction call numbers

2. Show what you know about IES PAC (room 36316)

3. Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburgh (E VAN)

4. Books by Chris Van Allsburg

5. Just a dream by Chris Van Allsburg

Skype Book Club - Just a Dream

Student Book Wishlist form

Finding Fiction Books

Finding Everybody Books

Scholastic Book Fair - Fall 2015

Book Fair Online


Which genre is it?

Library Media Orientation

Elementary Library Routines

3 Main Areas in the Library:

IES PAC review

Watch these two videos on how fiction and nonfiction books are organized.

How Fiction Books are Organized

How Nonfiction Books are Organized

Show what you know. Log into Socrative (room number 36316)

Learn the Dewey Decimal System HERE
(do Flashcards, Scatter, and then take the test until you get an 80 or better)
More Dewey practice
Game 1

Game 2


week 2

Watch the fable The Ant and the Dove.


Click here and watch it again.

Retell the story on your sequence worksheet.

week 1

Watch the folktale "Anansi and the Tug of War".


Watch the folktale again.

Retell the story on your sequence worksheet.



Schools Around the World






Please complete this survey

Share what you learned on Voicethread

Chris Van Allsburg

After you finish your worksheet you may watch these videos of books written by Chris Van Allsburgh

The Polar Express

Two Bad Ants

The Garden of Abdul Gasazi


Just a Dream

Shelf Order

Play the games below to help you understand how books are found on library shelves.

Order in the Library

Nonfiction Books and The Dewey Decimal System

Shelve It!

Watch to learn how nonfiction books are organized.

Learn about the Dewey Decimal System here.

See some of the subjects you can find in each Dewey area.

Show what you know by answering these questions.

Review these if you need to....

Do you need to review information about "call numbers?" Click here.

Watch an alien learn about the Dewey Decimal System.

Use your knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System to play against a friend. Dewey Decimal Fun

Choosing a book......

Review: Parts of a Book
Everybody and Fiction Books
Call Numbers
Choosing a Book Worksheet

Sesame Street at your Library - types of books (genres)

Choosing a "Just Right" Book

Watch this video on to help you choose a "good fit book"

Click HERE to answers a few questions

Library Rules / Procedures

I can follow rules and procedures.


Look at this list Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.08.10 PM.png
Choose a story that you want to retell.
Type your name and title into this survey.
Go to the Ford Handout folder - 3rd Grade and open tMC Folktales.
Find your story and read it.
Complete the Story Graphic Organizer handout.

Trickster Tales: a type of folktale

Click here to watch three trickster tales.
Choose one of the tales and answer the questions on your worksheet.

Country Research - climate, important products, food

  1. Go to Culturegrams Kids Edition

  2. Go to your country's home page

  3. Click on Land and Climate in the red box on the left. Read the last paragraph to learn about the weather. Summarize the information on your worksheet.

  4. Click on Money and Economy in the dark blue box on the left. Read about products made or grown in your country and write these on your worksheet.

  5. On the right click on the word recipes. Find a recipe that you like and take a picture of it (just that one recipe). To take a picture press down on the keyboard on "shift" "command" and "4". Draw the plus sign from the top left to the right and down. When you let go a picture will be taken of what you drew a "box" over.


3rd Grade Travels Around the World

  1. Go to Culturegrams: Kids Edition and select your country.
  2. Look on the left for the light blue box and read about schools
  3. Take notes about the schools in the country you are researching.
  4. Above the red box on the left look for the green house then click to go back to your main page.
  5. In the light blue box click on Life as a Kid and read.
  6. Take notes on life as a kid in the country that you are researching.
  7. When you finish you may look for your library card and do book checkout
  8. If you are not checking out or finish checking out look at the pictures for your country.

Explore countries in Culturegrams.
Select a country to research.
Take this Survey.

Author Study - Chris Van Allsburg

Lesson 2 (lab)
Answer these 7 questions on your Scavenger Hunt by clicking HERE.
When you finish you may play explore the Chris Van Allsburg web site.

Lesson 1 (lab)
  • Find information in the IES PAC to complete one side of your worksheet.
  • Go to the Chris Van Allsburg Books.
  • Next read the summary of each book title on your worksheet.
  • Match the title of each book with the words (phrase) that describe the story.
  • Now read the biography of Chris Van Allsburg and write two facts about his life in the space under the words Learn More.
  • Once you complete your worksheet you may search for books to checkout on the IES PAC or go to TumbleBooks.

Science Fiction or Not?

Some of these books are science fiction, some are realistic fiction, and some are neither. See if you can use what you know to get identify them. Click here and login with the Room number 36316

Realistic Fiction

Marvin Repost #2 Why Pick on Me? by Louis Sachar

Howard County Timeline

Library Media "Neighborhoods"
  • What are the 3 main areas of the library?
  • Let's review how chapter books are organized in the Fiction Section. Watch this video.
  • Show what you know about fiction call numbers. Click here and answer these questions.

Kid Search and Searchasaurus
  1. Use Kid Search and Searchasaurs
  2. type in the name of your person
  3. click on the biography icon
  4. select and article and read it

Bio Cube
  1. Go to the Bio Cube web site
  2. type your first name and grade/teacher code
  3. click on the bio cube and type in information
  4. print your bio cube
  5. if you have time create a autobio cube about your life

Biography Research
1. Click on Media Home page
2. Click on World Book Kids
3. Type in your person's name in the Search box or Click or People - Biographies (on the left) - choose their Career (on left)
4. Complete your Bio - Cube worksheet by writing 2 facts for each box. If you need help write HELP next to the number of the box.

Learning about Fairy Tales - RumpelstiltskinRumpelstiltskin.jpg

  1. Go to this page, click on the Rumpelstitskin ebook and read the story.
  2. Afterwards use information from the story to the Elements of Fairy Tales . Remember that: A conflict is a problem in the story. The conclusion is how the problem was solved.

Learning about mysteries - Ace Lacewing: Bug Detective by David Biedrzycki

  1. Click on to download it.
  2. Review the Mystery Elements sheet and watch for each element as you read the story.
  3. Read/listen to the story. Click on the web link and the type in Ace to find our Ace Lacewing: Bug Detective.
  4. Complete the "Detective Case Report".
  5. If you finish your case report early you may do the Ace Lacewing wordsearch or puzzle.