2017 - 18

Show what you know about using an atlas

Help create an atlas quiz by filling in this form.

Help create a quiz about our digital tools. Complete this form.

Show what you know about selecting digital tools.

Answer these questions Selecting Digital Tools

Answer these questions about our digital tools. If you are not sure review the digital tool.
Selecting Digital Tools

click here, fill in your name, and just answer the last 2 questions

1. Listen to the story "Whoosh" by Chris Barton
Complete your worksheet on how his personality traits, interests,
and decisions affected his accomplishments.
Share your ideas based on Whoosh!.
Learn about Jeannie Low who became an inventor when she was in Kindergarten.

Which digital resource would you use?

Marie Tharp (National Geographic)

Marie Tharp's Map of the Ocean Floor

Maps 101: Using Map Sketch to show locations on a map

Maps 101: An Introduction


Atlas Challenge: The Letter A is the Clue



Watch these video and then answer the Atlas Basic questions

What is an Atlas?

Political and Physical Maps

Atlas Basics - click here and answer these questions

Partner activity - Where in the world is .......? 1-5

Compare Culturegrams and World Book Kids by answering these




Drawing: Draw with Ed Emberley Draw with Dav Pilkey

Pop-up Cards

Energy Uses: Power Up

Solar Oven from a Pizza Box

New Year Customs: Selecting Digital Resources

Codes and Ciphers (Sirs Discoverer)

Locating Information - please click here to do the activity and answer the questions.

Search Sirs Discoverer for "Ada Lovelace". Find 2 articles about her and fill in the form below.

Ada Lovelace Resources

Once you finish try coding here.

Ada and the Thinking Machines

Ada Lovelace

Countess Ada Lovelace (1815 -1852)

Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace

Lady Ada Lovelace (1815 -1852)

Charles Babbage

Mary Somerville

Michael Faraday: Inventor of the First Electric Motor

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens (WBK)

Ada Lovelace

Click here to answer questions about Ada Lovelace

girl reading.png

Finding Winnie

Finding Winnie Book Trailer

Author Lindsey Mattick


Another book about Winnie

Holiday Books: Searching IES PAC

Atlas Activity - Malawi

A+ Exit Ticket

Memoirs: How I Learned Geography by Uri Schulevitz
Uri Schulevitz

4 A Storm Called Katrina

Welcome Back Survey

2016 -17

This week

Author Biographical Facts

Sandra Markle

Barbara Brooks Wallace

Molly Bang

Patricia Reilly Giff

Sarah Ellis

David A. Carter

Joan Carris

George O'Connor

Marilyn Sachs

Tammi Sauer

Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Teaching Books

Rob Scotton - Harper Collins

Barbara M. Reid - Harper Collins

Author Bios 1

HCPSS Elementary Schools PAC

Make the Poster

Authors' Birthdays (Scholastic)

Authors Birthdays (Through the Looking Glass)

Authors' Birthdays (Perma-Bound)

Author Birthday Project

Make up work
1. Listen/read the article below and take notes
Hurricanes? Typhoons? Cyclones? Here's the Difference

2. Do a keyword search on Sirs Discoverer for the name of a natural disaster (ex: volcano, tornado).
Locate a magazine article about the natural disaster and answer the questions in the form below.
Sirs Discoverer keyword search for natural disasters

3. Watch this video on about the ocean and then complete the exit ticket below.
Scientists See the Ocean Floor.

Exit ticket

4. Answer questions about Sirs Discoverer here.

Practice using latitude and longitude coordinates here.

Show what you know about Sirs Discoverer by completing this form.

Sirs Discoverer keyword search for natural disasters

A Lego Ocean Mystery

Get to know World Geography- Oceans and Continents

More Practice

Show what you know.

Happy New Year! (Lochte)

New Year's Eve (Lochte)

Ringing in the New Year (Friedman-Scott)

Let's Celebrate (Larsen)

New Year's Day Around the Globe

Put Dewey Numbers in Order

Shelve It! Dewey

Dewey number game

Maybe this chart will help with the game.

Fill in this form with information on fantasy books

Dewey Game - 1 or 2 players (Quia)

Nonfiction Book Organization: Dewey Decimal System

Dewey Decimal System

This video explains the difference Dewey Decimal categories that are used for Nonfiction. (10:26)

Play these Dewey Decimal System game HERE

(do Flashcards, Scatter, and then take the test until you get an 80 or better)

3 more games to help learn the Dewey Decimal System

Quizlet Big 6 Steps

Big 6 Reseach Process

Do you remember how to create a Fiction or Everybody call number?
Play this game and see how you do. Click here.

Aug 29 - Sep 1
Watch these videos of library media rules and procedures. Your assignment is to suggest a new rule/procedure or change that will improve our learning environment. Support your suggestion with two reasons.

Elementary School Rules and Expectations

School 54 Library Rules and Expectations

Library Rules and Expectations

Create a Crossword Puzzle

Travel Posters

Go to Culturegrams - Kids Edition and choose a country to research.

Complete your worksheet.

Log into hcpss - Google Docs.

Click on this link for the poster template.

The slide that you work on will match the number of your computer.

4H Travel Posters 1 - 10

4H Travel Posters 11 - 20

4H Travel Posters 21 -30

Relief Maps

Show you can read a relief map

Asia geography

Play Countries (middle column) Level 1 - Beginner
1. Play Level 1 as many times as you need to until you earn a score of 80% or above.
2. Call me to your computer to record your score.

Asian Countries Puzzle - easy
Asian Countries Puzzle - hard

Do these activities in the order below:

1. Adventure Island

2. Show you can read a map

3. Countries of Asia

Get to know World Geography- Oceans and Continents

More Practice

Show what you know.

Actively Learn4ECB5
Old Technology
[[media type=file key=Old Technology audio 1.mp3 width=240 height=20 width="240" height="20"]]

Note Taking for a report

Student Book Wishlist form

Robert Fulton - Pebble Go

Robert Fulton - World Book Kids

Ghost Buddy [[media type=youtube key=W9-Aems2Hhs width=280 height=160 width="280" height="160"]]

Interview with author Henry Winkler

Fact Fragment Frenzy


Stonehenge (video)

Jim Thorpe

Creating a paper slide video

Scholastic Book Fair - Fall 2015

Book Fair Online

IES PAC Review

IES PAC subject search

Author interview - Lemony Snicket

Book Trailers

The Dewey Decimal System
Watch these two videos
media type=custom key=27828371

media type=custom key=27828365
[[media type=custom key=27527088 width=68 height=68 width="68" height="68"]]
Learn the Dewey Decimal System HERE

Unscramble the Dewey Categories

Dewey Decimal Crossword Puzzle

Research Vocabulary Examples activities

How Nonfiction Books are Organized
Watch a video on how nonfiction books are organized.
[[media type=youtube key=Kwoa8sDiIOs width=336 height=191 width="336" height="191"]]

Learn the Dewey Decimal System HERE
(do Flashcards, Scatter, and then take the test until you get an 80 or better)
More Dewey practice
Game 1

Game 2

Train for the Research Vocabulary Definitions Space Race!
Practice at this web site.
Do the following activities once.
  • Flashcards
  • Scatter
  • test (do multiple choice only)
When ready take the written quiz.

Space Race - log into Socrative (room 36316)

Research Vocabulary Definitions.
Go to Socrative and enter room number 36316

MackinVia ebooks

Week 2 - Go to Socrative and enter room number 36316. Answer the questions by searching MackinVia

Week 1 - Go to MackinVia and answer these questions online.
If you have time you may explore ebooks on this website.

The Iditarod Race

Practice Research Vocabulary Definitions

Practice Research Vocabulary Examples


Does Wearing Blue Make You Smarter?

Modern Day Shipwreck Explorers

Where do I find the information?


Which reference resource would you use?

An example of Primary and Secondary Sources

Sirs: Discoverer

[[media type=youtube key=V0s2i7Cc7wA width=420 height=315 width="420" height="315"]]

Primary and Secondary Sources

What's the difference?

Practice Game 1

Thanksgiving and Sarah Josepha Hale

You will answer three questions about Sarah Hale. (see your worksheet)

Gather information for the same three questions from three different sources:

World Book Online - Kids

"Thanks to Sarah Josepha Hale" found on Sirs Discoverer

"The History of Thanksgiving Day" ( a video found online)

IES PAC Scavenger Hunt

Go HERE and do the IES Scavenger Hunt. Remember you can copy and paste on this assignment :-)

After you finish you may search the PAC for books to checkout or go to TumbleBooks.


Answer the questions on your worksheet by going to the web site GOING BATTY
You can use bullet points to list your facts. You do not need to write full sentences.
Some answers can be found at World Book Kids if you want a read aloud. Click here.

A Dewey Decimal Review

See a cave man's look at the Dewey Decimal System. Click here.

Show what you know by answering these questions.

When you finish stand behind your chair so your score can be recorded.
Play Dewey Scatter

Watch to learn how nonfiction books are organized.

Learn about the Dewey Decimal System here.

Practice - flash cards

More practice!

See some of the subjects you can find in each Dewey area.

Show what you know by answering these questions.

When you finish stand behind your chair so your score can be recorded.

IES Media Home

Login and drag the IESLMC icon to Firefox at the bottom of your dock.

Use the information on the IES Media home page to answer these questions.

Library Rules/Procedures

I can follow rules and procedures in Media class.

Reflection : Google Forms

Lynne Cherry Drawing a Dragon


You will select a book on TumbleBooks, complete a graphic organizer on the story, write a booktalk scrpit and record a Booktalk to interest 2nd, 3rd, or 4th graders in reading/listening to your book.
Go to TumbleBooks on the Media Home page. Choose a book that is
  1. at least 6 minutes long
  2. appropriate for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th graders
Complete your graphic organizer.
Choose 1 or 2 of the suggestions and write a 3 minute presentation.

Counting Syllables

Play this game to see if you can count the number of syllables in a word.

Now type each line of your limerick into this website and see the number of syllable. Here is a 2nd site to use.


Use this site to help find rhyming words.


Last time you focused on writing a poem with the limerick rhyming pattern of AABBA.
Today you are going to check the syllables in each line of your limerick.

Limericks - April is National Poetry Month

  1. LIsten to this short song to learn what makes a poem a limerick.
  2. Watch the first minute of the video to learn more about limericks.
  3. Read the two poems on your worksheet and explain which one is a limerick and why.
  4. Write your own limericks using one of these: Scholastic, BookBox

Note Taking

Paraphrasing Self Test

Read the article "When Weird is Wonderful."

and the article Animal Adaptations

Previous readings: Adaptations.

Write down any facts that answer the question How do adaptations help animals?

Also take notes of any examples of adaptations that show how adaptations help animals.

If you are finished you can play this game.

Laughter and the Heart and Health

Question: How does laughter effect our heart and health?


  • 1blue 2red 3yellow 4purple
  • Write down facts from the article that help answer the question: how does laughter effect our heart and health?
  • Put your initials at the end of each fact you type. Example: helps fight colds - kf
  • Remember to put quotation marks around any phrases of 3 or more words you copy directly from the text.
  • Once you finish you can go to SIRS: Jokes and Riddles, click on an article, and read or listen to jokes and riddles.

Reading Nonfiction Text

Go to Learn Zillion and type in this code in the search box LZ2018
Watch the video

Natural Disasters

Tips for Designing a Strong Presentation

Tools of Google Presentation

Mrs. DiMartino's class


Mrs. Miceli's class


Mrs. Sagi's class


Tools of Google Presentation
Finding a Book in the Library -
Make sure you have the Media Home icon on your computer desktop. If it is not there go to the Ford Hand-Out folder and drag it to your desktop.
1. Watch this video to review how to find a book in our library

2. Click HERE to open a form where you will record the information that you find in the activity below.

3. Choose one of the subjects below.
panda dolphin penguin honeybees

4. Search the IES PAC for 2 nonfiction books on your subject.

You will need to enter the title, author, and call number along with your name on the form.

5. After you submit your form you may search the IES PAC for a book to checkout

(don't go to look for the book without permission) OR you may go to TumbleBooks

(the link is on the Media Home Page).



Nonfiction and the Dewey Decimal System

  • Let's review how our nonfiction books are organized. Watch!
  • Extract the Facts - a short biography about Mevile Dewey Answer the questions on your worksheet.
  • Which Dewey ?00s do the subjects belong in? Write the answers on your worksheet. Find your answers here.
  • It's your turn to match subjects with their Dewey Decimal numbers. Play!

Sirs Discoverer - Country Facts

  1. Click on the Media home page
  2. Click on Sirs Discoverer
  3. Look on the right side and click on "Country Facts"
  4. Choose two countries to compare on you worksheetScreen Shot 2013-05-15 at 3.42.27 PM.png
  5. Complete your worksheet
  6. When you finish learn about Carribean countries

Maps - Countries of South America

Today you are going to learn the countries of South America.
  1. Click on the Media home page.
  2. Click on the picture (top, center)
  3. Click on 4th grade (left side, middle)
  4. Click here to help you write the names of the countries (gray) in South America on your map
  5. Click on South American countries
  6. Click on the small map and take the Countries Level L tutorial
  7. Play Level 1. Keep playing until you get a percentage of 80 or above.
  8. Next take the Capitals (on the left) tutorial.
  9. When ready do Capitals Level 1. Keep playing until you get 80 or above. Have Fun!

Natural Disasters

Surviving Natural Disasters (move to the bottom of the disaster page to find this information)

World Book Online
Sirs Discoverer
to find information on a specific natural disaster (like "Hurricane Sandy").

Natural Disasters Presentations

  1. The Worst Avalanches of All Time

  1. Blizzards

  1. Surviving Earthquakes
  2. The Worst Earthquakes of All Time

  1. Surviving Floods
  2. The Worst Floods of All Time

  1. Surviving Hurricanes
  2. The Worst Hurricanes of All Time

  1. Surviving Tornadoes
  2. The Worst Tornadoes of All Time

  1. Surviving Tsunamis
  2. The Worst Tsunamis of All Time

  1. The Worst Volcano Eruptions of All Time

  1. The Worst Wildfires of All Time

NASA Spinoffs

Students will predict which items are NASA spinoffs.
Next they will go to this NASA web site to read about some spinoffs.
Finally they will evaluate the importance of NASA spinoffs.