2017 - 18

Summer Reading List 2018 Exit Ticket

Show what you know about using an atlas

STEAM Guides in TV Production


Watch three videos at the HCPSS Career Academies site

and answer these questions.

Select a biographical article in your encyclopedia.

Answer the questions in this form.

1. Listen to the story "Whoosh" by Chris Barton

Complete your worksheet on how his personality traits, interests,

and decisions affected his accomplishments.


2. Watch these short videos about engineering careers

I Dissent (read aloud video 14:36)

Explore Careers

The Battle of Brooklyn
video 1
video 2
Maryland 400 Roster
Use the links above to answer these questions.

Atlas Challenge: The Letter A is the Clue

Atlas Scavenger Hunt (questions 1 - 7)

Activity: Comparing Schools: China, South Korea, Japan

Click here to answer questions about the book **One Plastic Bag** by Miranda Paul.

Drawing: Draw with Ed Emberley


Paper Snowflakes
Paper Star


Ada and the Thinking Machines

Ada Lovelace

Countess Ada Lovelace (1815 -1852)

Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace

Lady Ada Lovelace (1815 -1852)

Ada Lovelace (1815 -1852) from Sirs Discoverer

Ada and the Thinking Machine, from Sirs Discoverer

Use this Google Form to help build a list of questions and answers about
Mt. Vernon

Finding Winnie

Finding Winnie Book Trailer

Author Lindsey Mattick

Another book about Winnie

Lafayette - World Book Kids

Lafayette (World Book Student)

Lafayette (Monkeyshines on America)

Lafayette video

Lafayette 250
Flag Ceremony at Lafayette's Grave

An audience with Lafayette

Lafayette (Williamsburg)

von Steuben (World Book Kids)

von Steuben (World Book Student)

von Steuben (Monkeyshines on America)

Answer the questions at the link below

Revolutionary Rogues by Selene Castrovilla read aloud

Revolutionary Friends (video)

Revolutionary Friends by Selene Castrovilla (Quiz)

Sirs Discoverer Introduction

Atlas Activity - Malawi

A+ Exit Ticket

Searching the PAC Review

IES Student Book Wish List 2017 -18

Reading Preferences

5 A Storm Called Katrina (GSlides)

5V Media - Quizlet

2016 - 17

Mesmerized by Mara Rockliff

Liberty's Kids: Ben Franklin

Explore Careers

K-12 Chart Maker (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Exploring Careers
Watch the videos for the two careers below.
Take the quiz for the video of your choice.
Archeologist.............. quiz
Nutritionist................. quiz
Now watch other career videos at the link below.
Career Videos

Explore Careers

Liberty's Kids: Ben Franklin

Liberty's Kids: Postmaster

Answer these questions based on the book by Mara Rockliff

Mesmerized: How Ben Franklin Solved a Mystery that Baffled All of France

Make Up Work

Gingerbread For Liberty by Mara Rockcliff

Answer questions about the story.

Ryan and Jimmy and the Well That Brought Them Together by Herb Shoveller
Answer questions about the book

Sirs Discoverer:

Cleaning Beaches, Creating Art

Exit Ticket

Plastic and Pollution
Answer these questions.

Week 2: Black-eyed Susan Nominees 2016 - 17 4th - 6th

BES Book Trailers

Match the summary with the title here.

If you have time you can read or listen to samples of these five books below.

The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley (print excerpt) (audio sample)

Ellie's Story by W. Bruce Cameron (print excerpt) (audio sample)

The Map Trap by Andrew Clements (print excerpt) (audio sample)

My near-Death Adventures (99% True!) by Alison De Camp (print excerpt)

Stella by Starlight by Sharon Draper ( print excerpt) (audio sample)

1. Read this article

Cleaning Beaches Creating Art (Sirs Discoverer)

2. Then go to the IES Home page and complete an Exit Ticket


Isatou Ceesay recycling plastic bags

How Plastic Bags Are Made (video)

Answer these KWL questions about Plastic and the Earth.


Today you will research the causes, effects, or solutions to water pollution.

You will also learn to use filters to sort your search results.

First log into Wixie and open the Earth's water resources activity.

Next using Sirs Discoverer do a keyword search for water.

Filter the results for just magazine articles and 6th grade or lower reading level.

After you select and a magazine article complete slide 1.

Read the article below(Ryan's Well) and answers the questions

Ryan's We

A Lego Ocean Mystery


On Top Of the World

Learn Something New

Political Map of Asia

Learn about a president by watching one of the videos at the web site below.
Re-watch the video and read the transcript to help you complete this online form.

60 -Second Presidents

Hats of the President (video)

7 Hats of the President (video)

Seven Hats Challenge -

Search IES PAC or Mackin Via to find autobiographies and biographies.

Enter the bibliographic information (title, author) in this form.


Web Site Evaluation activity links

1. Kids' Planet

2. Global World Wildlife Fund

3. The WHY Files - Endangered Species

4. ARKive - Endangered Animals

Watch the video below.

The 5 W's

Go to this Web Site and evaluation it - Energy Kids

Please complete this survey.

Hamburgers and Tacos


Aug 29 - Sep 2nd

Library Media Expectations

Watch and then compare these library rules and expectations with Ilchester's.

Elementary School Rules and Expectations

School 54 Library Rules and Expectations

Library Rules and Expectations

Almanac Posters

Work on the number of the slide that matches the number of your computer.

5T Almanac 1 -10

5T Almanac 11 -20

5T Almanac 21 - 30

5V 1 - 10

5V 11 -20

5V 21 -30

Submit questions based on information in the National Geographic Kids World Almanac 2016.

Note Taking Exercise

user name: WBeBooks password: bubblegum

Relief Maps

Show you can read a relief map

Locate the states - level 1 (let me know when you get a score of 80% or above)



Toth - Read this and take notes


Vandermer -Read this and take notes


Jenkins - Read this and take notes


Watch this video to learn about the Maryland 400.

Maryland 400

Choose a president to research.

Complete your worksheet.

Play Take The Seven Hats Challenge

Old Technology - Actively Learn
5T 21f76
5V 16b5d

Note Taking for a Report

Student Book Wishlist form

Actively Learn4ECB5


Robert Fulton - Pebble Go

Robert Fulton - World Book Kids


Sarah Josepha Hale

Before you begin your note taking watch this video.

Fact Fragment Frenzy

Thanksgiving and Sarah Josepha Hale

You will answer three questions about Sarah Hale. (see your worksheet)

Gather information for the same three questions from three different sources:

World Book Online - Kids

The Story of Thanksgiving" found on Sirs Discoverer

"The History of Thanksgiving Day" ( a video)

Scholastic Book Fair - Fall 2015

Book Fair Online

Hispanic Americans


Ponce de Leon





IES PAC Review

IES PAC subject search

//Book Trailers//


The Fourteenth Goldfish

Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Dragon Rider1

Dragon Rider 2

5T Friends and Foes
5T Patriots in Boston

US Census
Watch this VIDEO to learn about the US Census.
Compare Maryland and another state using facts from the US Census site.
Complete your worksheet.

Reader's Theater Rubric
Read the following rubrics and vote for the one that you think would best rate your performance.
rubric 1
rubric 2
rubric 3
Choose the one you like best and answer these questions.

The Amendments
Continue watching the video The Amendments
and answer the remaining questions.

MackinVia ebooks

Week 2 -
Go to Socrative and enter room number 36316. Answer the questions by searching MackinVia

Week 1 - Go to MackinVia and answer these questions online.
If you have time you may explore ebooks on this website.

B Franklin in a Nutshell
and once again

In Praise of Ben Franklin

Postmaster General Franklin

The Iditarod Race

Check who's in the lead.

Which Hat?
Task: You will learn about actions/decisions of a president and identify which job responsibility this action/decision exemplifies.
Select one of the three presidents below.
Watch the 60 sec video at least twice.
Listen for actions that your person did as president and take notes on the back of your worksheet.
If you need more information - Read about your person's presidential actions in World Book Student.
HINT: use the contents section on the left side to go directly to these areas in the articles.
Choose 2 presidential actions/decisions
Fill in your worksheet.
If there is time when you finish you may watch other 60 second presidential videos.

George Washington (video) John Adams (video)

Thomas Jefferson (video)

George Washington (article)

John Adams (article)

Thomas Jefferson (article)

World Book Student

The 7 Hats of the Presidency

Interviewing Thomas Jefferson

Tour of the Lincoln Library

Sirs Discoverer: subject heading search

Follow the directions given for a subject heading search and then complete the form.

An example of Primary and Secondary Sources

Sirs: Discoverer

Primary and Secondary Sources

What's the difference?

Primary and Secondary Sources

What's the difference?

Primary and Secondary Sources

What's the difference?

The Maryland 400

Watch this video to learn about the Maryland 400.

Use the information from the roster to complete your graph worksheet.

First Maryland Roster

Thanksgiving and Sarah Josepha Hale

You will answer three questions about Sarah Hale. (see your worksheet)

Gather information for the same three questions from three different sources:

World Book Online - Kids

"Thanks to Sarah Josepha Hale" found on Sirs Discoverer

"The History of Thanksgiving Day" ( a video found online)

IES PAC Scavenger Hunt

Go HERE and do the IES Scavenger Hunt. Remember you can copy and paste on this assignment :-)

After you finish you may search the PAC for books to checkout or go to TumbleBooks.


Before watching the video below guess which statements on your worksheet are True and which are False.
After you watch the video complete the After Viewing column.
Watch this video on bats.

Jim Thorpe - Native American

Read this article and complete the biographic worksheet.

IES Media Home

Locating information in the IES PAC

You will work with a partner to search the IES PAC and answer questions.
Partner A will log into Socrative (room 36316).
Partner A will type in the answers to the questions.
Partner B will search IES PAC for the answers.

Login and drag the IESLMC icon to Firefox at the bottom of your dock.

Use the information on the IES Media home page to answer these questions.

Library Rules / Procedures

• I can identify and follow the agreed upon rules for discussion and carry out assigned roles

Reflection : Google Forms

Lynne Cherry Drawing a Dragon

Which State Is It?

Log into room 36316 of Socrative.

Use your almanac and World Book Online

and the clues to identify the states.

Tip: start by looking up names, places, and events.
When you finish you may go to Maps 101 (login: hcps19 password: maps101)

Maps 101: Growth of the United States

Read this
Answer the 9 questions on Socrative.
When you finish you may play a game on Maps101.

Maps 101 and American History (hcps19, maps101)

The Constitution Becomes A Reality
Go to the above web site and answer the questions.
Then take the States' Capitals Quiz.

Map Grids

Practice using grid locations on a map: Rainforest Map


Read and watch about career options available to Howard County high school students.

Career clusters and academies

Please complete this form.

Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir

Fill in your biographical worksheet on these two men by using the links below.

Theodore Roosevelt Fast Facts

Theodore Roosevelt

26th President bio

John Muir

Protector of the Wilderness

Theodore Roosevelt bio

John Muir

TR - short video

TR Protects Our Environment

TR ABC Word Order

If you finish both sides of your biographical worksheet please watch the National Parks video in the Ford Hand-Out folder under 5th grade.

This Cell

Black-eyes Susan nominees for Grades 4-6, 2013-14

Read the summaries of the book group assigned to you and complete the spreadsheet that goes with it.

picture book reviews

chapter book reviews

graphic novel reviews

Then answer questions in this survey.

The Delegates at the Constitutional Convention

Download this document to complete your worksheet.

Laughter and Heart Health

What this video on how to take notes when doing research to answer a specific question. Click HERE.
Your research question is How does laughter affect our heart and health?
  • Read the article below.
  • Laughing Your Way to Good Health
  • Take notes on how laughter effects our heart and health.
  • Remember to put quotation marks around any phrases of 3 or more words you copy directly from the text.
  • Be sure to write down the source - citation (at the bottom of each page) for each article.
  • Once you finish read an article or two at Sirs: Jokes and Riddles

Note Taking - Trash or Treasure

Look over the inquiry process.
What this video on how to take notes when you are taking notes to answer a specific question. Click HERE.

Laughter and Health Project Team
You will
  • In a Google slide you will type a laughter and health fact based on your notes.
  • Go to Sirs: Jokes and Riddles select 3 jokes or riddles and write them on your note paper.
  • Choose one of the jokes or riddles that you selected and type it on your Google slide.

Searching IES PAC for Humorous books

Use the IES PAC to search for humorous books.
Possible seach words are: humor, laughter, funny, jokes.
Select several books and list the: title, author, and call number HERE or
on paper.

Laughter and Heart Health

Question: How does laughter effect our heart and health?
  • Read the articles below.
  • From each article take notes on how laughter effects our heart and health.
  • Remember to put quotation marks around any phrases of 3 or more words you copy directly from the text.
  • Be sure to write down the source - citation (at the bottom of each page) for each article.
  • Look over the rubric below before starting
  • all notes answer the question
  • no more than 1 quotation
  • all ,or nearly all notes in own words
  • most notes answer the question
  • no more than 2 quotations
  • all or most notes in own words
  • a few notes answer the question
  • more than 2 quotations
  • few notes in own words
  • no notes answer the question
  • none or few notes in own words
  • all citation information recorded accurately
  • correct format
  • most citation information is accurate
  • little accurate and/or complete citation information
  • no citations

  • all or most notes are legible
  • few or no notes are legible

Laughter is Serious Medicine

Laughing Your Way to Good Health


Adventure Island

Chesapeake Bay

Lesson 1
Log into Noodle Tools using your technology login Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.08.08 AM.png password.
Create a new Project.
Share your project with me by selecting 5V The Bay.
Click on the link to get to the article on the bay.
Move to the bottom of the article to find the citation.
Listen for instructions on adding this citation to your project.

The Newbery Award

Activity 1

Read this information about the Newbery Award. Click here.

Go to Socrative Student. The room number is 36316. Wait for instructions....

Activity 2

Go to the HCPSS Elementary Schools PAC

Search by each author's name and find a title that matches the clue.

Write that title in the circle to the left of the author's name.

Activity 3

Take the Newbery Quiz (you won't be graded on this and the quiz will tell you the answers)

Meet Author Jon Sciezska

You will read about the Author Jon Sciezka and take notes in NoodleTools.
  1. Log into NoodleTools using your technology ID and password.
  2. Create a new project and select "MLA" and "Starter".
  3. Name the project (your first name) - Sciezska
  4. On your Dashboard share your project with your teacher's drop box under Ford 5V Sciezska.
  5. Once your share your project you will see links to the web sites that you are to read

Evaluating Web Sites

1. You and your partner together will evaluate the web site below.
Each of you will complete a web site evaluation sheet.
2. Next each of you will explore the DIG web site and be prepared to answer questions.


  • Log in to Noodle Tools (use your Technology login and password)


April Fools'
April Fools'
Anzac Day
Anzac Day facts
Anzac Puzzles

Color the Poppies

Battle of the Books


The Lemonade Wars

Call It Courage

Inside Out and Back Again


Locating Nonfiction Books using the IES PAC -
Make sure you have the Media Home icon on your computer desktop. If it is not there go to the Ford Hand-Out folder and drag it to your desktop.
  1. Click HERE to open a form where you will record the information that you find in theactivity below.
  2. Choose one of the subjects below. panda dolphin penguin honeybees
  3. Search the IES PAC for 2 nonfiction books on your subject.
  4. You will need to enter the title, author, and call number along with your name on the form.
  5. After you submit your form you may search the IES PAC for a book to checkout

(don't go to look for the book without permission) OR you may go to TumbleBooks

(the link is on the Media Home Page).

IES PAC Scavenger Hunt

Go HERE and do the IES Scavenger Hunt. Remember you can copy and paste on this assignment :-)
After you finish you may search the PAC for books to checkout or go to TumbleBooks.

Mini-Research: Famous People of the American Revolution
  1. Download the .
  2. Then close your browser and open the file on your desktop.
  3. Type in your name, grade/teacher code, and the name of the person you are researching.
  4. Skim the information that you have on your person (do not write on the stapled printouts).
  5. Type your notes from the first article under Source 1.
  6. Type your notes from the second article under Source 2.
  7. When finished go to the File menu and save a version.
  8. Locate the file on your desktop and rename like this example: 5TJohnHAmRevorg
  9. Drag this file to the Hand In Folder on your dock and drop it in.

Skimming and Scanning Online: using riddles to practice
Skimming is reading quickly to get the main idea of the text.Scanning is rapidly viewing the text in search of key terms, phrases, or information.Careful reading is reading each word in order to understand all the information that you are reading.

  1. Locate your state riddle worksheet and pencil.
  2. Go to Explore the States web site
  3. Read the clues for each riddle and circle all states for which the statement is true.
  4. If you finish early create a Crossword Puzzle using information about the states.

Lessons for the week of 10/22-29 2012

5th Grade

George Washington - Character

(skill - note taking)

Sarah Josepha Hale
The 5 W's